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That's Right, Baby You're with the Green Natives now. Well, not "with"... Not like we're dating or anything - Just good friends, just platonic, and just a party band that can kick your party in the ass. We can liven up any party, anywhere, and have any age boppin' and pointin' at us, giggling and telling their friends. You know, plenty of inebreated folks have said" You're the BUURP-Best cover bands I never sheen!" Is there such a thing as a "best cover bands?" Naahh... We were coming to the party anyway, and just happened to bring our instruments. We like to blur the line of just who's here for who, the band for the crowd, or the crowd for the band. We all entertain each other! Perfect! But even on a slow night, there can be the band and a bartender and THAT'S IT! ...and we'd still be rockin' like any other ol' time.

Sorry, there's no naked pictures of our drummer here OR on our MYSPACE page. I just made that up! We hope to see you at one of our local hangouts real soon. We're just another Orange County Cover band that plays a bit of a different set list. We also have some rather talented players from name acts sub for our regular members like John Avlia and Johnny Vatos from Oingo Boingo, Chris Ralles of Pat Benatar's band, Dean Butterworth of bands like Sugar Ray, Morrissey, and Good Charlotte. Koko Powell from Edgar Winter's Group, Scott Devours from the Who and Steve Distanislau of David Gilmour and CSN play from time to time as well. If you're interested in booking the band for your party, wedding, bar mitzvah, bat mitzvah, prison release party, or what-have-ya, call us to book your special event. We'll give you the business! Enjoy!

Green Native Thought for the Season

FALL, 2013

"BEIBER!! BEIBER!!"-The crowd thought to be shouting "FREEBIRD"

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